Obama said he would talk to Cuban leaders about human rights issues when visiting Cuba

The United States and Cuba announced in December 2014 after the relationship thawed
French International Radio reported on Feb. 18 that US President Barack Obama confirmed on February 18 that he would go to Cuba on March 21 and 22 to travel to Cuba for two days To visit. He said he would meet with Cuban civic groups and would talk about human rights issues when meeting with Cuban leaders. According to Agence France-Presse news, Obama said on social networking sites that he would talk directly with Cuban leaders about human rights issues and that the United States would defend human rights throughout the world. Obama said that 14 months ago, he announced the United States began to normalize the process of relations with Cuba, the two countries in this area has made significant progress. It is reported that the White House announced that in Cuba two days, Obama in addition to the Cuban leader Raul? Castro held a separate meeting, but also with Cuban civil society members, the Cuban business community and from all areas of Cuba People meet. Subsequently, Obama will travel to Argentina, met with the new Argentine president Maori Xi? The United States and Cuba in December 2014 announced the relationship thaw, in July 2015 to establish diplomatic relations. US Secretary of State Kerry went to Havana in August of that year to witness the resumption of the US embassy ceremony. The report said that in December 2015, Obama had expressed his wish to visit Cuba in 2016, but only if the relationship between the two sides made enough progress, and he can meet with dissidents. Cuban Foreign Ministry officials said in the month, Cuba welcomed Obama's visit, but the United States can not interfere in Cuba's internal affairs.

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