Dali migrant workers pay for trouble to go home on the official New Year

Reporters yesterday through a variety of ways to contact the Pacific Construction Group
According to the Voice of China, "News" reported yesterday (14), a group called "pay talks migrant workers on foot to go home New Year" picture in the network caused concern The In the picture, a group of migrant workers carrying luggage walking on foot, which there is a wearing black clothes, holding the child's women. Photo description shows that a dozen individuals from Sichuan, Yunnan, Guizhou, Henan, Shaanxi and Fujian and other places, are in Yunnan Dali workers. Asked for four months after the failure of wages, they are penniless. Near the year off, no money to buy tickets to go home. So, they first begging the station, and later begging no fruit in the case, made a difficult decision: walk back from Dali New Year home. This news has been reported, causing widespread concern. What is the matter in the end? Who owes the wages of these migrant workers? Do they really want to go home on the New Year? This photo first appeared on the microblogging platform. Made microblogging users called Shangmengmang, Mianyang, Sichuan, February 14 afternoon to "Su Chen's migrant workers," the user name bursts of seven messages, called on the public's attention. Shang Fa Meng said that they work in the Haitong Mountain New Town, Dali City, in November 2013 began to participate in the construction of bridge and tunnel project, the construction side is the Pacific Construction Group subsidiary company Su Chen construction. But since last year, wages have not been sent down. Still dream: a total of less than 10 months owed. Reporter: how much money? Still dream: 60 million? Do not know specifically. Reporter: how many people are still dreaming: 8 tunnels, a tunnel more than 100 individuals, about 1000 people. Reporter: ten months has been no wages? Still dream: foreman give us a point of living expenses. Shang Fa Meng said that because of wage arrears, the site from October last year began to stop. The workers set foot on the road to pay a long way, 4 months passed, pay attention to the results, the pocket slowly empty. Still dream: a few workers, said ready to go home on foot. Walking may not return home, we hope that the community concerned about us, public opinion to help us pay. We have just gone for a while, the foreman to know after, to chase us, find us. Foreman to find ways to give us eight hundred dollars. Yesterday morning, Shangmeng dream and the other three Sichuan workers take a fellow villa ride home New Year. Chen Yu-mei with the car is the photo of the child holding the child. Asked about salary, Chen Yumei emotional. She told reporters that Sichuan home has two sick old man and an 8-year-old daughter, her husband and her daughter went out to Dali to work, both to the project department. From last year, each month can only receive 2 thousand of the cost of living, only enough of a family of three barely survive. Chen Yumei: over the years to cook here. And now did not open a penny wages. Equal to the elderly at home did not send a penny, the family did not send a penny money. To the end of the year, and now did not send a penny. Now the workers have to go home with the toll, but also embarked on the home road. Can be hard for a year, only empty hands home. The face of the elderly children look forward to the eyes of the old, sad sad. Why did they get the money for a year? When can I get my salary? Reporters on the Internet query the project found that Dali to take the BT model and the Pacific Construction Group to build cooperation, BT mode is the "construction - transfer" model, that is, through the project company contract, financing, construction acceptance, transferred to the government, the government Pay. Pacific Construction Group founder Yan Jie and BT model is the founder. He is also known as "the country's largest contractor." BT model requires pre-business advance, so the biggest problem is the capital chain. According to media reports, in January this year, the Pacific construction will Hebei Ningjin county government, Yunnan Jinning county government, Hunan Huaihua city government to court, to the government "pay talks." And this time in Yunnan Dali, the Pacific construction has become "pay talks" object. Workers still dreamed that, according to his understanding, the Pacific Construction Group won the bid, the project will be subcontracted separately, using the "BT" approach, has paid a small contractor some fees. And the workers work for these small contractors. And these contractors dig out the material costs, construction costs, etc., can not keep up with the wages of workers can not dig out. Still dream: this is because the wages, the project department does not send. You want, 50%, which contains materials, tax, project management fees. They have to go before the construction fee. Construction costs are not enough to turn, and stopped in October. Reporters yesterday through a variety of ways to contact the Pacific Construction Group, did not get a response. After several twists and turns, the reporter dialed the management committee of the Haitong Haidong City, telephone, office staff first indicated that the project funds have long been allocated to the Pacific Construction Group. Staff: owes them to the Pacific Group, not the sea commission. We signed an agreement with the Pacific Group. Money has been paid in time. The Pacific did not pay them, not we owe. We just help coordinate the solution. Reporter: This project is BT mode? Staff: Yes. We signed is half BT. They finished half, finished we paid again. They finished halfway. We have been allocated in place. So, what is the money allocated to the Pacific construction? Yesterday at 5 pm, Dali City Propaganda Department sent a response to the voice of China, said the Pacific Xu Chen Construction Group Bridge and Tunnel Engineering Department and its subordinate part of the work area because of the project section, material, labor costs and other disputes. Su Chen Construction Group Bridge and Tunnel Project Department to the subordinate to the work area to pay hundreds of dollars. But some of the work area to "change the original agreement between the two parties to pay the payment method" on the grounds that refused to pay to the specific part of the specific construction team. The two sides have not reached a consensus after repeated consultations. Dali City, the Office of the Office of the staff also said the "subcontracting" problem. Staff: Pacific signed with the other side of the construction team BT contract. Two bags is it, be two packs. He did not allocate the side of the migrant workers. Reporter: how about coordination? Staff: Pacific management promised to allocate as soon as possible to implement this matter as soon as possible. It is understood that the Dali City has set up a comprehensive coordination of the working group, asked Su Chen to further strengthen the redemption work, coordination and handling of disputes with the subordinate work area. For those workers who are owed wages, Dali City asked Su Chen to verify the situation, the scene to pay. For those who can not verify the arrears of the workers, Su Chen first borrow expenses.

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